In our previous posts, we have stressed just how important lists verification and cleaning is. Luckily for you, has powerful tools designed just for this purpose. Our job is to make sure that you are only sending emails to quality contacts and your job is to enjoy increased click through rates and conversions making yourself some loyal subscribers and money along the way.

Clean Email Lists vs Marketing Campaigns Success

Before we get into the reasons why you need to clean your email lists regularly, it is important to note that; having a clean email list does not necessarily guarantee you success in your campaigns. Here’s why:

Like we have always been saying, ours is to make sure you have no invalid or unverified emails. However you choose to mail your recipients is entirely up to you. We eliminate your chances of getting bouncing emails and at the same time improve your click through rates and eventually conversions. All these are however, dependent on how you do your targeting and segmentation. We discussed this broadly in the post titled, When It Come to Email Marketing, Its All About Targeting.” Please check it out if you haven’t already.

In short, lack of proper targeting will lead to low click through rates and poor conversions — no matter how clean and updated your email lists are.

Why You Need a Clean Email List?

We have talked about the benefits of clean email lists in the past. So, in this post we have selected just 3 key points — which, in our opinion, we believe are the core reasons for cleaning lists.

Lower bounce rates and Sender Reputation

Having a lot of invalid and unverified email addresses can be detrimental to your campaigns. Sending too many bouncing emails can hurt your sender reputation. Your recipients’ Email Service Provider can list you as a spammer meaning your emails will never be opened — so basically, no conversions. Your own Email Service Provider can blacklist you as well and you will never be able to send any emails with your account. In very serious cases, your devices’ IP address can be blocked from ever opening a new email account.


Targeting and Campaign Stats

What list cleaning brings to the “targeting table” is that it gets rid of invalid targets. Your subsets will be free of invalid addresses which will give you more accurate campaign stats in terms of click through rates, opening rates, and conversions.

Saving and Value for Money

Having very many email addresses to run your campaigns will definitely cost more. Now, this would make sense from a financial standpoint if all the addresses in the list are clean and verified. Running a massive campaign without cleaning your lists will lead to loss of money and no value for money spent.

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