If you are a frequent user of Check24, you may have experienced receiving a
lot of emails from them. While some of these emails may contain important
information about your account or services, others may be promotional or
irrelevant to your needs. In this article, we will guide you on how to manage
your Check24 emails effectively.

Check24 Email Contact

Before we dive into the steps on how to manage Check24 emails, it is important
to know how to contact them via email. Check24 has a dedicated email address
for customer service inquiries, which is kundenservice@check24.de. You can
also find their contact form on their website under the "Kontakt" section.

Unsubscribe from Check24 Emails

If you no longer wish to receive promotional emails from Check24, you can
unsubscribe from their mailing list by clicking on the "Abmelden"
(Unsubscribe) link at the bottom of any of their emails. This will take you to
a page where you can confirm your decision to unsubscribe. You can also log in
to your Check24 account and go to the "Einstellungen" (Settings) section to
manage your email preferences.

Manage Your Check24 Email Preferences

If you want to continue receiving emails from Check24, but only for specific
services or products, you can manage your email preferences in your account
settings. Under the "Einstellungen" (Settings) section, you can choose which
types of emails you want to receive, such as price alerts, account updates, or
special offers. You can also set the frequency of these emails, such as daily,
weekly, or monthly.

Check24 Email Format

If you need to contact Check24 via email, it is helpful to know their email
format. Check24 uses the firstname.lastname@check24.de format for their
employee emails. You can use this format to guess the email address of a
specific employee or department.


Managing your Check24 emails can help you stay organized and avoid getting
overwhelmed by too many emails. By following the steps outlined in this
article, you can control the types and frequency of emails you receive from
Check24, as well as easily contact them via email if needed.