Chatbots are an automated and quick way to connect with the user. It has conquered almost every industry including e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, education, travel, finance and many more out of which e-commerce is the most demanding industry!

Consumers look for instant help for which they can knock every door of your company. Your response rate is the first impression of your company. You need to be specific and well defined while entertaining your user in first place.

Why Business need chatbots?

Chatbots are being used for various purposes and one of the significant purposes is to generate leads. Lead generation is the necessity of every business. But before generating leads for your company, make sure you look for quality over quantity!

The demand for using Automated Live chat support in 2019 has increased as in this fast-moving world, everyone is in hustle - most of the time operators keep users on hold while connecting to the desired department. It sometimes annoys the user as they want an immediate answer to their queries. It also happens when user message and they get a reply: “We will get back to you shortly.” and that shortly might be for 48hrs. or never! Due to this reason, companies lose leads.

Whereas chatbots can divert your users 24/7 even if they are not planning to contact you at the moment or just exploring your site.

You can also filter your leads according to their purpose of visiting your platform.

Let’s jot down the benefits of chatbots:

According to The 2018 State of Chatbots Report, the most common uses of chatbots among consumers who get quick answers is 37%, getting a solution to the problem is 35%, and detailed guide or explanation on queries is 35%.

Creating a chatbot for your business may benefit you in many ways:

  • It saves money - The expenses of employees keep adding up as you grow your business. Chatbot itself can do a job of whole customer support staff. It reduces the cost of hiring customer support staff for your company. You just have to spend on buying a package according to the need of your business.

  • It generates sales - YES, you read it right! If you create your bot properly, you can move your users to the sales funnel

  • Carefree after campaign handling - You can launch any marketing campaign without worrying about the handling of a large number of consumer request

  • 24/7 automated services - Your user doesn’t have to wait or hold till 48hrs. You can set your office hours to 24hrs. and entertain your users even if you are in deep sleep! Isn’t it cool?

  • One bot unlimited customers - Unlike human live chat, conversational forms can gather unlimited customers’ data at the same time. No matter how many users message you or book order from you, everyone will be given individual attention.

  • Increase user engagement - User doesn’t get bored if your chatbot provides relevantminformation, telling more about your brand and create a great customer journey. Your bot should sound like a human, being humorous and complimenting. It makes your user stay till the end and find the necessary information they are looking for!

  • Quick training - Companies spend a huge amount of energy, time & money on
    training programmes. You can train your bot once and it will work for you till you stop it.

How to Acquire Genuine Leads through Chatbot?

Every company aims to generate quality leads for their business but accomplishing it is not that easy. To make it easier for you, there are several services which can help you collect leads but the one I like the most and recommend is Botsify.

It has created an amazing feature i.e. Conversational Forms. These forms can recognize if the user enters the correct phone number, location or email, through API. You can also add customized questions in forms to get quality leads. Conversational forms are an automated way to communicate with your leads just like your customer support staff. To know if your user is a genuine lead, your bot can warm welcome your user on your platform and ask them a few questions which will reflect their interest in your product or service. It creates a good determination of your user’s interest so that you can offer them exactly what they are looking for!

Your bot should sound friendly and like a human so that your user feel that he/she is talking to a real human and not to themselves! Your form integrates data under the relevant label in your CRM or Google spreadsheet. You can also get all your data in email, CSV export or slack channel.

You need to make sure that your questions are interactive so just in case, if your lead is planning to put in wrong details, they change their mind to explore more!

Here’s how you can cross check your leads!

Most users put in wrong email addresses and contact numbers when they are asked to provide information online which creates a problem for companies with email marketing. This incorrect information bounces back and hurts your IP score. It also wastes the company’s research time as they expect the lead to be genuine and obviously, no one wants to lose the lead!

After you’ve collected all the data in your Google Spreadsheet. You can gather a lot of data through forms but all that matters is if you find that data authentic. Keep a track of your campaigns through email marketing matrices to know if it is the right time to clean up your email marketing list.

You can cross-check it through email cleaners like Bounceless, it is a very authentic email cleaning software which removes unverified email addresses with invalid details such as names, email typos and whatever the prime cause is. In this way, you’ll know the exact figures for your leads.

Chatbots can take all your burden on its shoulders and perform multiple functions at the same time. It minimizes your efforts, gets you better user engagement, and creates an experience worth a while.