If you are a developer using Laravel, you know that validating input data is a
crucial step in any application. Email validation is one of the most important
validation tasks, as email addresses are key pieces of information for
communication with users and customers. In this article, we will explore email
validation in Laravel, a popular PHP web application framework.

What is Laravel Validation?

Laravel provides a comprehensive validation system that makes it easy to
validate user input data. Validation rules are defined in the rules method of
a form request or a controller method. The rules can be applied to any type of
data, such as strings, numbers, or files. Laravel validation provides a fluent
interface that allows you to chain multiple rules together.

How to Validate Email Addresses in Laravel

Laravel provides several built-in validation rules for email addresses. The
email rule checks if the input is a valid email address according to the RFC
822 specification. To use this rule, simply add it to the rules array in your
form request or controller method:

$rules = ['email' => 'required|email',];

You can also customize the error message for the email rule by adding a
messages array to your validation:

$messages = ['email.email' => 'Please enter a valid email address.',];

If you need to validate that an email address belongs to a specific domain,
you can use the domain rule:

$rules = ['email' => 'required|email|domain:example.com',];

Custom Email Validation Rules

If you need to create a custom email validation rule, Laravel makes it easy to
do so. You can create a new rule class using the make:rule Artisan command:

php artisan make:rule CustomEmailRule

This will create a new rule class in the app/Rules directory. You can then
define your validation logic in the passes method of the rule:

public function passes($attribute, $value){// validation logic here}

You can then use your custom email validation rule in your validation rules:

$rules = ['email' => ['required', new CustomEmailRule],];


Email validation is an essential part of any web application that deals with
user input data. Laravel provides a powerful and flexible validation system
that makes it easy to validate email addresses. Whether you need to use built-
in rules or create custom ones, Laravel has you covered.