Email marketing is the fastest and most authentic way of online marketing. According to DailyMail, 246 billion emails are sent every single day. This shows that the usage of emailing and especially email marketing is increasing exponentially and has eventually the most authentic and professional way to contact your customers is email.

However,'s A digital marketing survey shows that 83% of email marketers only use the newsletter method, which makes it very cliche. The newsletter is one of the tedious things ever you will find in your email, but still, people do subscribe to so many newsletters because they are informative but not always a spontaneous way to go with.
In such a situation, you should know that you need to try sending different types of mail to your customers and subscribers.

What you need to do:

To be put, In order to build a strong relationship with your subscribers before making them your customer, it will only be achieved by developing a connection with them. For that, you need to know your subscriber. So first of all, you need to declutter your email address list so that you can avoid bounced emails. For that, you can find Bounceless useful. They help you to bring the transparency between you and your subscribers; they help you to identify and clean the dead accounts and helps to avoid spam filters. They are good at cleaning the old database, and mail bouncing is one of the major problems most people face, so they are the right option to get rid of such issues.
Now that you know your subscriber, you are ready to convert them into your customers, and there are several types of email you need to send to your subscriber. Although the list is very long and have a myriad of options: here are some types of emails that are essential:

The Welcome Email

When you first contact your customer, you send them a welcome email. This mentions that you are delighted to have them on board. The mail is sent instantly or at least within 24 hours of subscribing. The welcome email creates a positive first impression. In the mail, you should greet them. Other than that, you can inform them about your business and mention what kind of services or products you deal with. The value email is the most authentic way and leaves an excellent impression on the customer. Hence, such emails help you to make the relation between you and the customer much stronger.

The Announcement email

Whenever you are launching a new product or creating a new business campaign or your company is conducting some event. An announcement email must be sent to the customers. With that, they would know what your company is up to and what your company is going to be doing in the coming days. It is evident that your customer should be the first one to know about it. Even if some bad news occurs, you should inform your customers first hand.
Telling them yourself should be prioritized; instead of them hearing the disturbing story from somewhere else. Not doing this disrupts the customer-business bond, and so this leaves a negative impact on your company.

For inspiration, it is known that Chick-A-Fil creates the most relaxed and most attractive announcement mails.

The Milestone Email

The milestone email is usually sent to the customers on an annual basis. This is about bringing awareness of your product or services to success for this long. Furthermore, it encourages your customers and thanks to them for trusting your business in the long run. You can pay your gratitude by giving them discounts on their next purchase so that they feel essential to feel valued. Celebrating your day with your customer this will help to enhance the relationship between you both.

The Offer email

The main intention of approaching your customer is to sell them your products or services. So you need to uphold a good marketing strategy for that. In case you can’t make a sale, then it is useless even to send an email. So to be able to up your sales, make sure to send your subscriber those offers, which help to convince them in a jiffy. Furthermore, do not hesitate to ask them to buy your products. Do it in such a way that it sounds decent. One important thing that should be in consideration is never ever forced the subscriber to buy your goods, but rather convince them through your offers.

The Survey Email

The Survey Email consists of a questionnaire. In that, you ask the customers their feedback about how they have been enjoying their products and any other services you provide. Whether you decide to stay thorough with your mails or just keep it simple with a few short questions is entirely up to you. The Survey Email makes sure that your customer feels valued. As you care about their opinions. Your questions should be open to suggestions and changes.

Free Gift Email

Everybody loves free vouchers or gifts, which makes it one of the best ways to market your brand. According to the CityAm survey, an office worker receives about 121 mails per day. This shows that they are rare chances that they will open up your mail. The key in this situation is creating an attractive and catchy subject headline.

In the mail, send your customers free vouchers. Other than that, you can even send gifts to your loyal customers and also to those who have joined your venture just recently. This will motivate them to stay loyal to your business. Other than that, think about the things that your customers love the most. You can put them into gift hamper format and make them join some competition, after the winning of which would make you the talk of the business world for sure.


The types, as mentioned earlier of emails, are the must- send emails to your customers or subscribers. The reason being that these will help you to stay in the market professionally. Other than you will be able to make a great connection with the customers. The fun part is that it is so simple; you have to send the right email at the right time so that your subscribers remain aware of whatever your company is up to. Some of the key points, which one needs to take care of, are that you need to know your customer well. This is the way you would flourish your business. Other than that, stay engaged to your subscribers and keep trying to convince them to buy your product by using different means like discounts and free vouchers. Ultimately, this will market your brand and help grow exponentially. Conclusively, just through emails, you can apply the fastest way to improve your quality because you get instant feedback and growth of revenue with sales.