Before we move forward to chances of disruption in email marketing caused by AI, let’s first have a brief overview of both these terms as many might be unaware of them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined by as the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans, as by an expert system, a program for CAD or CAM, or a program for the perception and recognition of shapes in computer vision systems.

In simple words, artificial intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. Some common examples to help understand the applications of AI include Siri app by Apple, self-driving feature in Tesla cars, transactional AI in Amazon, suggestion system at Netflix and musical DNA by Pandora.

The future is here in its truest sense with all the artificial mechanisms going real. As artificial intelligence continues to surprise us with its remarkable progress, it is also becoming more and more important to analyze its efficient use in all the domains.

A way to reach consumers directly via electronic mail is referred to as email marketing. Newsletters and email surveys are some of the main email marketing services. The mass emailing service usually intended for business and promotion purposes may include images, styled text and gifs.

Let’s talk about the real topic of discussion. AI is growing fast and is having a profound gradual effect on our daily lives. Email marketing has also benefited from AI and could improve itself even more with the help of AI.

Here are some of the ways AI can and is already affecting email marketing, in a positive way:

Marketing based on consumers’ data:

Marketers will now be able to run promotional campaigns based on the interests of the consumers with the help of their data. Depending on the choice and interests of customers, different tools will help design the best appropriate marketing campaigns. This is just like how Facebook advertising works except for the fact that email marketing can do surprising wonders with the help of artificial intelligence.

If anything, brands are definitely benefitting from their marketing campaigns when they target an audience that connects to the products or services they are selling. The very idea that artificial intelligence can help marketers and brands to effectively target their customers..

Sending emails at the right time:

You simply do not want your emails to be wasted by sending them at the wrong time. Consumer data will help marketers broadcast emails at the best time for effective email marketing.

What artificial intelligence can do is that it will analyze the consumer behavior and evaluate on that basis what time intervals are suitable for a certain brand audience. If a service provider is focused on individuals aged 35+, it is very much possible that artificial intelligence will recommend to send emails early morning or during evening time.

Highly personalized mails:

This feature helps to send customized messages to a different variety of consumers based on their preferences and disinterests. It might not be possible for marketers and business owners to comprehend what kind of personalization should work for their audience and that's exactly where artificial intelligence comes to the rescue.

The difference is huge when it comes to sending personalized emails. No matter how compelling your offer is, some people love it when they see a personal touch in marketing being done to them. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it's all possible now!

Wonders of Spam folder:

The spam folder in our email automatically detects what kind of mails we are not interested in and removes them from our sight. How? Here also AI has a function and removes unimportant messages on its own. Thanks to this feature we are not loaded with unnecessary emails in our inbox.

This also helps brands in not sending their marketing emails to individuals who are not interested in their products and/or services. Artificial intelligence not only allows consumers to avoid irrelevant emails but brands can also save their time and efforts.

There are tools like Bounceless which allow marketers and business owners to filter out their email marketing lists. Brands can definitely make the best use of these email verification tools to ensure their emails don't land into spam folders, automatically enhancing their delivery rate.

Robots could send emails:

Because why not? Robots could be programmed to send out messages with payrolls and reminders. It would be a huge breakthrough.

Let's be honest. We really do want to automate a lot of our tasks; there's a lot for business owners and marketers to take care of. The owners would prefer to spend time in making crucial business decisions and marketers would rather invest efforts into devising strategies for their marketing campaigns.

If robots take over and handle the email marketing domain as effectively as we do, or perhaps even better, it would prove to be a major breakthrough.

Ready-to-use designs and templates:

AI can help us prepare designs and templates for certain types of email that can be used every now and then and could save our time. Automated campaigns could also be run with its assistance.

Brands will know what templates to use. Artificial intelligence will recommend the design templates marketers will be able to utilize based on the audience, products/services, season, etc.


A survey by BoomTrain shows there was a 228% improvement in Email Open Rate, 556% improvement in Click Through Rate and 100% improvement in Click to Open Rate in personalized emails as compared to popular and static mails. This clearly shows the immense benefit of personalization by AI and how it has already affected email marketing. In near future, AI will be influencing email marketing beyond our imagination.

The future is changing and so should our approach towards email marketing.