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Bounceless Wins 2 Email Marketing Software Awards: 2017 Great User Experience and Rising Star

Our email marketing software, Bounceless, was recently awarded two major industry recognitions by a leading B2B software review website. FinancesOnline, which reviews over three thousand business applications to help companies make the right choice, tested our solution and concluded that it helps businesses fully maximize their ROI by keeping the integrity of their email lists. As such, we were granted the 2017 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards.

The Great User Experience Award for email marketing software recognizes business solutions that feature an intuitive user interface with easy-to-learn tools. For instance, our software has a real-time email verification tool that guarantees higher deliverability rate compared to just relying on mailers. This makes our software a must-have tool to increase the success rate of your email campaigns.

Similarly, the Rising Star Award is testament to Bounceless’ growing reputation as a useful app that easily increases the company’s bottom line. It smoothly integrates with MailChimp or other mailers, which fast tracks the email verification process with accuracy. It ensures your emails pass through spam filters, enabling you to get more positive results from your list.

Because of our fast-growing user base also, FinancesOnline included us in their top 10 email marketing software solutions. The review team noted that our tool is a must-have for any company that are heavily invested in email marketing campaigns.

Romain Prevost

Romain Prevost

Romain is a data driven guy, always onboard to start new growth strategy. Meticulous enough to verify every email before sending one. Loves to connect with people around the world to find new opportunities. Practice yoga on a recurrent basis to balance with work.

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