If you’re tired of paying exorbitant prices for email finder tools, While Hunter is a prominent tool among other email finders in the market, we understand that each business has specific needs and budgets for their email marketing strategies and therefore the tools they use have to be in accordance as to fulfilling those requirements, In this blog post, we'll explore some affordable alternatives to Hunter that will help you find email addresses without breaking the bank.

Hunter is a cloud-based email marketing software that helps businesses in their email marketing efforts, It has many useful features such as an email finder, email list verification, and domain verification as well as an outreach tool for cold emails. Marketers can also track and follow up with prospects that have opened their emails, generate reports, manage campaigns and send unlimited emails to any list.

As good as all Hunter’s features sound, their pricing might be a turn-off for many who are trying to excel in their email marketing game while staying on a budget, therefore, finding similar features in other cheaper alternatives might be the solution you’re looking for.

  • Bounceless
  • FindThatLead
  • Snov.io
  • AnyMail Finder
  • Voilà Norbert


Bounceless is a great alternative to Hunter, the platform doesn't only excel in the variety of features that come with its services but also it has the most affordable pricing among the other email verification alternatives, Bounceles appears to be the ultimate solution for businesses looking to boost their email marketing actions by taking advantage of the accuracy and great quality of their email lists that Bounceless provides.

Bounceless Email Deliverability 

Among the primary features of Bounceless, is its email verification tool which allows users to easily and effortlessly verify their email lists with a simple drag-and-drop action to receive an instant accurate list containing only valid emails, another one of Bounceless's powerful features is their Inbox Placement tool which allows users to predict the deliverability of their emails and how they'd show up once received by the recipients, and providing an in-depth report about the status of the images and links in the email among other data.

Bounceless has also an Email Finder that easily generates valid emails by typing the name or company into their search engine, a tool that will surely benefit your lead generation strategy, you can easily type the name and email provider of the individual you're looking for and get a list of valid emails that match our search, you can also upload a list of names using the bulk email finder tool to get multiple valid email addresses belonging to different Domain names at once.

additionally, Bounceless Blacklist Monitor notifies users when their IP or Domain name is found on any blacklist.

All of these features are alleviated by the reliable integration Bounceless offers their users as well as their API which makes your email marketing efforts seamless.


As we mentioned before, Bounceless pricing is affordable and flexible without overlooking quality when it comes to their service, They have two pricing systems:

The Pay-as-you-go: which is perfect for businesses that have a specific number of emails they need to verify, the user is able to choose their credit starting from 5000 up to 2 000 000 emails, and the payment is made once.

The subscription plans: include two packages, Pro and Business, The pro plan for $39, allows for 10 000 credits, 50 Inbox reports, and 5 blacklist monitoring that can be used by 2 users. On the other hand, the Business plan priced at $99, offers 50 000 credits, 500 inbox reports, and 50 black list monitoring that can be accessed by 5 users.

Bounceless's customers speak for its quality, the platform has good reviews from its users who praise the availability and help of their support service and the platform's features alike.

All of these attributes make Bounceless the best Hunter alternative in the market.


First off, FindThatLead is a great alternative when it comes to the similarity in features with Hunter, the platform provides an Email Finder tool to look up and generate emails by simply typing down an individual’s name or a website domain, and it also offers an email verifier service to check its validity.

Similarly to Hunter, the platform allows users to create campaigns, personalize them and track their performance.

The added value of FindThatLead over Hunter is their feature that enables users to look up emails using social media URLs as well as, targeting their email-finding process to a specific localization ( a city or area) that is relevant to the user.

Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is their Chrome extension which facilitates email generation from websites and LinkedIn profiles.


When it comes to pricing, FindThatLead has a free trial, it’s the same as Hunter’s while offering more search credit:

The growth plan for $49/ month, has 5000 monthly credits (searches inside the tool) for 1 user;

The startup plan for $150/month, 18000 credits;

The suite plan: for $399/ month, 30 000 credits;


Likewise, Snov.io is another email finder that has similar features to Hunter.io but with some small differences, other than the known Email finder features like finding emails of prospects, creating drip campaigns and automating them or even having a chrome extension that generates emails while browsing a company’s website or LinkedIn profile, Snov.io offers an Email Verifier tool to check emails individually or in bulk and it has an Email Warm-up feature that sends your email campaign strategically to avoid messages going to spam box when you're using a new sending email or one that hasn’t been active.

The selling point for Snov.io has to be its Technology Checker allows users to find contacts by searching for the technologies their prospects are using, such as marketing platforms like MailChimp, Hubspot…etc. Snov.io also has a CRM service to add to the business’s sale system.


For the pricing, Snov.io has a free trial and its pricing is cheaper than Hunter:

For $39 for their starter plan for 1000 Credits (email searches and verification) compared to Hunter’s $49 for the same credits.

For $99/month, you receive 5000 credits; and their custom plan starts at $999/month allowing for the customization of the features to meet the users' needs.

AnyMail Finder

Opposed to the other tools we mentioned, AnyMail Finder focuses more on finding emails with its Email finder tool allowing users to search for emails by typing in the individual’s email or the company they’re linked to, by generating emails from a specific company’s domain name or even from LinkedIn with their Google extension, and alike to the aforementioned platforms, AnyMail Finder also have API integration.

The advantageous aspect we found of AnyMail Finder is its bulk email search which allows users to upload a CSV or Excel file containing the company's names or job titles to generate their emails.


In addition to their free trial option, AnyMail Finder monthly pricing plans start at 50 email verification for $14 which is a great deal if you want to try the benefits of the paying plan at a more affordable cost;

For $39 for 1000 verified emails;

For $99 for 5000 verified emails;

For $149 for 10 000 verifications;

and $299 for 30 000 verifications.

Voilà Norbert

Voilà Norbert is another alternative to Hunter that not only helps users find email addresses but also has an email list verification tool that checks email lists for duplicates and invalid emails.

Users can also enrich their data lists with additional data points like companies, job roles, locations …etc which valorizes the initial data and makes for its better quality.

Voila Norbert is no different from other email finder platforms when it comes to having an API and chrome extension to make the operating process smoother for users.


VoilaNorbert has a free trial offering 50 leads, the throwback you might experience though is the higher pricing of the tool compared to its competitors, their pricing starts at $49 for only 1000 monthly leads compared with 5000 using FindThatLead for the same price, for $99 they offer 5000 leads, 15 000 leads for $249, and 50 000 leads for $199.

For their verification feature, the pricing is calculated based on the verified emails costing $0.003/ email and the same goes for the enrichment feature, for every email on the data list it costs $0.04 up to 50k emails.


While Hunter.io is the most notable email finder in the market, as we perceived from comparing the other alternatives the tools share almost similar features and addons, going through email finding to data list enriching, to browser extensions and APIs, the difference usually shows up in the pricing models of each platform.

With that said, When deciding on a tool among different options with varying pricing models, it is important to consider both the cost and the credits received for that cost. It's not just about finding the cheapest option but rather, identifying the tool that provides the most value for your business needs. Evaluate your requirements and consider the number of credits you need. We also recommend testing the tool using its free trial periods or freemium plan to judge for yourself the quality of the service and to which extent the tool can meet your needs.