Nothing matters more to a brand than an effective and working marketing campaign. According to a recent supergraphic released on VentureBeat, there are at least 1876 companies providing marketing services in 43 various categories ranging from social media marketing to content marketing. As much as astounding this unusual growth in the number of vendors is, one thing marketing experts are considerate about is how email marketing has secured a stable position in the world of marketing. Despite the increased hype around social media platforms and video-based marketing, the type with the highest conversion rate is the email marketing, and for all the good reasons.

Out of the many benefits of email marketing, the most considerable ones are the increased number of email users and 90% message delivery ratio as compared to very less at social media platforms. However, many brands complain about receiving lesser output from email marketing than what they expect. As a matter of fact, there are many reasons your emails might be flagged as spam.

Here in this article, we are going to list down a few ways you can gain great traction during the holiday season . If you apply all of these tips then we can bet on a guaranteed growth in your brand in no time. Here’s the list:

1. Don’t write SPAM emails, PLEASE!

Many emails from top brands might end up in spam or junk folders just because they contain frequent usage of words like ‘free’ or ‘credit’. The content of an email is as important as the quality of the outfit you are wearing. You just need to understand that what use the word ‘free’ is when your subscribers don’t even get to see your message.

This might sound a bit foolish to do but experiments suggest that it is a very beneficial thing to do. How? Well, a lot of receivers might actually report your mail as spam if they find it annoying. However, placing the unsubscribe link on top and making it permanent can actually make the unwanted users go away without harming the reputation of your email broadcasting service.

Pro Tip: Try email verification tools such as Bounceless which guarantee no dead email addresses in your list, enhancing your delivery ratio and stabilizing your bounce rate.

3. Avoid Emails with Large Images

You wouldn't want your emails to land into spam during the holiday season, right? The primary reason your emails might get filtered as spam is large sized images and less or no content at all. It is very easy for spam filters to categorically reject your emails if you already have a bad reputation. Start focusing on content and use images of small sizes.

4. Focus on Your Subject Lines

Needless to say, subject lines are the first thing your subscribers see and a poorly written subject can swiftly sway them away from your business, which means no growth. No need to fear, we have got you covered. Always bear in mind that when it comes to subject lines, shorter is better. Moreover, it should never exceed 35-50 characters.

Go for taglines such as "Enhance your Holidays" and "Time to multiply the holiday fun" or anything creative you can come up with for your subject lines.

5. Go FREE with holiday season offers

It's holiday season. Given that there are very few holiday seasons in the whole year and Christmas holidays are nearby, it is not quite surprising to notice that customers love to do online shopping during these days. Whatever services or products you offer through your website, go for heavy promotions featuring irresistible sales and discounts for them.

You'll definitely notice that people who prefer to shop online tend to buy more during holiday seasons and that's exactly where your email marketing techniques can do wonders. Make sure your promotional email highlights the offers in the most captivating way possible.

There are many things that can affect your email deliverability. You need to make sure that your email list cleaner knows what they’re doing so that you are getting the best service for your price and the best return on your investment. Bounceless does. Feel free to contact us.